Genuine Selenite, Lepidolite and Rainbow Fluorite Healing Stretch Bracelet


Genuine Selenite, Lepidolite and Rainbow Fluorite Healing Stretch Bracelet



This bracelet is made with one Genuine Selenite round semi-smooth bead (10 mm), two Genuine Lepidolite oval beads and several Genuine Rainbow Fluorite chip beads.  It is 7 inches as pictured, but can be customized to fit.  Just email me.

LEPIDOLITE – Decreases stress; helps deal with change; increases optimism, decreases fear, emotional balancer; decreases “frayed nerves.”  Also, helps with astral travel and helps understanding life’s plan; helps with sore muscles, fatigue, and nightmares; connects the heart to crown chakra, vibrates with an energy like lithium, so is an excellent mood stabilizer.  Lepidolite is also a stone of spiritual purification and meditation.  It can clear blocks energies in any of the chakras and throughout the meridian system.  It is also great to remove negative emotional attachments such as resentment and envy.

FLUORITE  – Different colors work and heal with different chakras.  All fluorite helps in memorization and focus.   It is great for students to focus.  For the physical body, helps to kill viruses.   Fluorite helps to keep teeth strong and healthy.  Helps balance brain chemistry.  It can assist in issues of dizziness or vertigo and can help to be more physically balanced.

SELENITE – DELICATE  STONE!  Decreases stress; ends negative cycles. Promotes serenity, increases mental focus, spiritual growth, luck and immunity.  Helps to run Kundalini energy up the spinal cord.   It helps working with spirit guides and angels. Healing for 6, 7, 8-14 chakras.  Clears the negative energies of all gemstones near it.

Additional information

Weight3 oz
Dimensions6 × 1 × 8 cm


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