Genuine Selenite, Bloodstone (Heliotrope) and Labradorite Healing Bracelet


Genuine Selenite, Bloodstone (Heliotrope) and Labradorite Healing Bracelet



This bracelet is made with one Genuine Selenite round (10 mm) semi-smooth beads, four Genuine Bloodstone (Heliotrope) round (8 mm) beads and several Genuine Labradorite chip like beads.  It is 7 inches long, but can be customized to fit.  Just email me.

LABRADORITE – Opens and balances, third and fifth chakras, increases psychic powers. Strengthens and protects aura. Helps with communication with your higher self, helps remember dreams; increases clarity of thought; self-esteem and creativity.  Promotes balance and increased metabolism.  Said to increase patience and decrease procrastination.  Also, said to promote decreased blood pressure and weight loss.

SELENITE – DELICATE  STONE!  Decreases stress; ends negative cycles. Promotes serenity, increases mental focus, spiritual growth, luck and immunity.  Helps to run Kundalini energy up the spinal cord.   It helps working with spirit guides and angels. Healing for 6, 7, 8-14 chakras.  Clears the negative energies of all gemstones near it.

BLOODSTONE – (AKA Heliotrope) Intense healer; moves energy well; increases courage, decreases grief, fear, anger, irritability and sadness.  Not only that, it is great for strength, courage, purification and increases vitality.  Said to be great for detoxing the liver.

Additional information

Weight3 oz
Dimensions6 × 1 × 8 cm


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