Genuine Rainbow Moonstone, Angelite and Labradorite Healing Bracelet


Genuine Rainbow Moonstone, Angelite and Labradorite Healing Bracelet



This bracelet is made with several Genuine Rainbow Moonstone rondelle type beads, two Genuine Angelite round (10 mm) beads and three Genuine Labradorite oval beads.  It is pictured at 7 inches, but can be customized to fit.

LABRADORITE – Opens and balances, third and fifth chakras, increases psychic powers. Strengthens and protects aura. Helps with communication with your higher self, helps remember dreams; increases clarity of thought; self-esteem and creativity.  Promotes balance and increased metabolism.  Said to increase patience and decrease procrastination.  Also, said to promote decreased blood pressure and weight loss.

ANGELITE – (Anhydrate) Helps with telepathic communication, emits an angelic energy; decreases anger.  Promotes decreased inflammation and problems in the throat.   Cleanses the aura of negative energy, blocks, erasing implants, and soothing all sorts of disharmony.

MOONSTONE  (RAINBOW) – It is a positive protection stone; great for deflecting negative energy.  Helpful for premenstrual symptoms.  Also, helps to balance emotions; increases intuition; balances femininity, increases fertility; balances heart and mind; increases love; helps with new beginnings. Clears the emotional body of emotional trauma.



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