Genuine Black Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz and Selenite Healing Bracelet


Genuine Black Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz and Selenite Healing Bracelet



This bracelet is made with one Genuine Black Tourmaline center bead, five Genuine Lapis Lazuli flat round beads, two Genuine Quartz round (8 mm) beads and two Genuine Selenite round (6 mm) beads.  It is 7 1/2 inches long, but can be customized to fit.  Just email me.

SELENITE – DELICATE  STONE!  Decreases stress; ends negative cycles. Promotes serenity, increases mental focus, spiritual growth, luck and immunity.  Helps to run Kundalini energy up the spinal cord.   It helps working with spirit guides and angels. Healing for 6, 7, 8-14 chakras.  Clears the negative energies of all gemstones near it.

TOURMALINE (BLACK) – Protects the aura and decreases negativity.  It is balancing for all chakras.  It increases your vibration, strengthens all energy bodies, decreases toxins and energy blockages. Relaxing to both the mind and body.  Mentally and emotionally, decreases negativity and resentments.

QUARTZ – This is an all-purpose crystal.  Most powerful healing stone.  Aplifies intentions. Increases balanced energies, and is clearing, cleansing and healing to all small and large chakras.  Clear quartz is said to increase the memory and has a very good effect for clear thinking.

LAPIS LAZULI – This gemstone is a combination of lazurite, calcite and pyrite. Increases  psychic ability, love, purification, mental clarity and intuition.   Balances fifth and sixth chakras   Physically, said to decrease depression, insomnia, vertigo, dizziness and fear.  Promotes the regenerative energies of the body.



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