Chakra Healing Bracelet with Amethyst, Carnelian, Obsidian Quartz,


Chakra Healing Bracelet with Amethyst, Carnelian, Obsidian Quartz,



This bracelet is made with Genuine Rainbow Obsidian chip beads, Genuine Carnelian chip beads, Genuine Tigers Eye chip beads, Genuine Rhodochrosite pebble beads, Genuine Blue Chalcedony chip beads, Genuine Amethyst pebble beads and Genuine Quartz chip beads.  It is 7 inches long, as pictured, but can be made from 6 1/2 to 8 1/2 inches long.  Email me the length if you prefer a change.

AMETHYST – Increases spiritual awareness, opens and balances sixth and seventh chakras, detoxifies the body, increases meditation, decreases headaches, transforms lower vibrating energies into higher vibrating energies, and increases psychic ability.  Known as the sobriety stone.  Activates crown chakra; increases self-responsibility and self-worth.  Amethyst emits the violet ray of transmutation to change negative to positive energy.

CARNELIAN – Increases physical energy; personal power, confidence, motivation, appetite; helps to be “in the now”; decreases uterine cramping, depression; helps to open and balance second chakra; helps to decrease envy, fear, rage.  Carnelian also increases analytical abilities and, finally, for the physical body it decreases inflammation. Especially healing for the first, second and third CHAKRAS.

CHALCEDONY (BLUE)   – a nurturing stone.  It absorbs negative energy and brings harmony into the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body.  Chalcedony also erases self- doubt and creates openness and enthusiasm.  Said to decrease bad dreams.  Great to increase calmness, balance, inner knowledge and better communication.  It is healing and balancing for the fifth and sixth chakras.

OBSIDIAN (RAINBOW) – Great for recovery for the emotional body of lingering patterns of emotional trauma.  It is also helpful in dissolving outmoded genetic patterns and karma. It is healing and balancing for the first chakra.

QUARTZ – This is an all-purpose crystal.  Most powerful healing stone.  Aplifies intentions. Increases balanced energies, and is clearing, cleansing and healing to all small and large chakras.  Clear quartz is said to increase the memory and has a very good effect for clear thinking.

Rhodochrosite – perfect for forming a bridge between the lower and the upper chakras.   Great stone to aid emotional healing and emits a loving and joyful energy.  It will assist you in meditation, to stay calm and relaxed. This stone energy can also stimulate your inner child and enjoy the simple things in life.



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