Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki energy healing is a form of alternative medicine.   The power of energy is the healing factor of Reiki.  Reiki energy healing is used to help reduce stress and promote relaxation.  It is based around the energy of the universe.  Everything has a form of energy, which Reiki draws upon. 

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words, “Rei” and “Ki”.  The Japanese language is a very complex language and is oftentimes hard to directly translate into English.  However, many have tried.  The “Rei” in Reiki is the wisdom of life.  It is there for a resource during a time of need.  It is related to the evolution of things and how the galaxies unfold.


Reiki energy healing

The “Ki” is more the non-physical energy and flows through everything that is alive.  If your “Ki” is low you will have lower self-esteem and other health issues.  However, if you have a high “Ki” level, you feel stronger and more confident in your life.  During low “Ki” times you may feel sickly and just not yourself.  When death occurs the “Ki” leaves the body.

Using Energy to Heal

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Reiki energy healing is a non-physical way of healing.  Higher powers and spiritual guides guide the administer during the Reiki energy healing session.  The practitioner has a higher energy level and connection with these spiritual guides and higher powers.  Often times the Reiki energy has an intelligence of its own.  It merely flows through the administer where it is needed in the client.  The intelligence level or experience of the administrator has nothing to do with the effectiveness.  As the mind does not guide the session. 

Performing Energy Healing Treatments

Reiki energy healing is performed by the laying of the hands. It can also be done from a distance. The administrator’s hand may even warm up during this process.  At times, both the administrator and the client can feel the energy.  Anyone can use this natural and safe method for healing.  Reiki energy healing can be used to help promote well being and improve the quality of life.  Reiki is not a form of religion per se, there is no dogma and you have nothing to believe in.  And, it tends to work whether you believe in it or not.  It acts to heal the spirit of the individual that has made a conscious effort to seek help and guidance.

Remain Healthy using Reiki Energy

Ki flows through you and in and around you.  It is not the actual organs of the body but the energy that flows through those organs.  The energy about your being. This disruption is the main cause of illness. One’s thoughts and feelings is the driving force of Ki energy.  Should these thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on our health?  One must have a positive attitude to have a positive flow.  The mind is a very powerful thing and should be controlled to not harbor bad Ki.  It is thought in Western medicine that the mind is 98% of why people get sick.   Ki is the reason either indirectly or directly.

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