Healing Bracelets Meanings

Audra's CollectiblesIf you are looking for a healing bracelet you have stumbled into the right place. Our company offers wonderful handmade Chakra Bracelets. These bracelets are made for is keeping your energy flowing properly.  There is hidden meaning to them all because they are custom to you and your needs. Whether you are a confident person or a shy person there is always something for you. The bracelets are originally used in India and worn by both males and females. Overseas they use them to balance nature so they don’t end up sick. If you are still not sure about all of this, stick around we will explain more down below.

Trusting a Bracelet

I know it sounds crazy but it works. Many people use them in their daily life to keep them in check. Our bracelets are not normal bracelets they are Chakra Bracelets which means they have stone beads and these stone beads all have meaning and power. You might be thinking now you are trusting a rock but, believe me, it helps with your seven wheels which are the energy flow throughout your body. Energy flow is a powerful thing because it controls all your thoughts and feelings. Having control over yourself is key to stay a healthy human otherwise you could end up going the opposite direction. The stones in these healing bracelets can also help by trapping in the negative energy in the body to the stone. It is a stored device so that you don’t have to feel those feelings anymore.

chakra stones

Gems and the Powers

  • Red is the root and the stones include Red Tiger’s Eye and Garnet. Red Tiger’s Eye good for grounding, protection, and physical healing. Garnet is used to stimulate survival instinct, increase your will power, and give your courage.
  • Orange is sacral and theses stones include is Carnelian and the Orange Calcite. Carnelian is used for physical desires and relationships. Orange Calcite brings you sportive energy towards your sexual side and enhances your creativity.
  • Yellow is the solar plexus and the stones include to be Citrine and Topaz. Citrine brings you personal power and worldly success. Topaz encourages you to realize who you are and how to maintain self-confidence.
  • Green is the heart and the stones are Aventurine, Jade, Rose Quartz, and Kunzite. Aventurine is known for love, balance, and healing. Jade used for love, having healing, manage money well, and feeling protected. Rose is used for having a balance between Heaven and Earth. Kunzite is for love, power, having good luck, and have healed.
  • Blue is the throat and the stones here are Sodalite and Lapis. Sodalite is used for the ability to speak openly and lovingly. Lapis is used for verbal expression and clear communication.
  • Indigo is the third eye and the stones in this include Amethyst Dark and Sugilite. Amethyst is used for understanding and intuition. Sugilite is for curiosity, love and having forgiveness.
  • Purple is the crown the stones included in this is Clear Quartz and Amethyst Light. Amethyst is used for being aware of the past and having wisdom. Clear Quartz is used for having connections.

Of course, these are just some examples.  However, the color tones are what is important in a chakra bracelet as well as what stone will be used for that color representation. 

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