Benefits of Wearing Chakra Bracelets

Let’s start with understanding the Chakra bracelet and the benefits you can get from wearing them on a daily basis.  The bracelets were first used in India and are known as a medical technique. How it works is by using the seven Chakras inside of you that keeps you balanced. Where the Chakras start is at the base of your spine and to the crown of your head. Every chakra point in your body is in charge of different parts of your body.chakra gemstones

Your body will thrive off of the good energy flowing through your body. And if you end up feeling stressed or having negative thoughts it will interfere with energy flow. There are different effects from wearing your bracelet on the right side or left side of your body.  If you wear it on the right side of your body it triggers the body to release toxins. And, wearing it on the left side of your body would release the negative charge.

Benefits of Having a Bracelet

One of the benefits includes keeping your body on track. Which means that your body is always in a cycle. At the end of the cycle the energy circles back to the stone and it stores your negative energy inside. This frees your body from all the negative feelings inside of you. And in the end, your body will give you a good conscience. Having a good conscience leads to better flow to your overall body. 

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Stones and Their Powers

Second, the stones have meanings.  There are certain feelings you get with the beads. Chakra is a stone bead bracelet or jewelry design that includes certain gems to help you with certain feelings.  They are all different just like the shade of colors or gems.

  • Up first we have Red Tiger’s Eye that has the power to heal exhaustion and the feeling of tiredness.
  • Second up we have Carnelian which has the power to affect your emotions and keep your body in a calm state.
  • Next up is the Citrine it is good luck charm which brings you mental clarity.
  • The fourth gem is green jasper which cleans your energy and brings you good well being.
  • The fifth one is Sodalite which heals your inner morals and speech.
  • You may encounter an Amethyst which has the main role of playing the wise stone. Also is in charge of keeping the harmful thoughts away from the brain and out of mind. What thrives on you feeling powerful and enhancing your imagination.
  • Lastly, you may find yourself liking the Quartz because the power it holds is boosting your wisdom and having you become one with yourself emotionally. The stone also purifies your thoughts.

Of course, these are just some stone suggestions.  There are various stones that represent the various chakra levels. 

Chakra Bracelet Uses

You see, these stones are not just pretty but they have a job.  The job given to bracelets is to make you feel the best you that you can possibly be. No more stress and being worry-free is a dream come true that most can’t see coming true but with these Chakra bracelets, your brain will be guided in the right direction.


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