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“I started Audra’s Collectibles when my husband told me I had way to many healing crystal bracelets for my own personal use. I just kept making jewelry for myself because I believed they were so beautiful and had many gemstone qualities. He encouraged me to share them with the rest of the world. I had no clue other people would enjoy my natural gemstones as much as I do. All of my bracelets are completely handmade from the finest gemstones I can get. While all of the bracelets are one of a kind, I have chosen some of the most popular pieces to make duplicates. I hope you find them just as beautiful as I do.”

“I have been working with crystals for over 15 years and doing Reiki energy healing as well. I have noticed the increase in awareness for natural healing energy over the years. Feel free to research these beautiful gemstones to see how they can benefit you. I have many more pieces with different stones that we don’t always have time to list on this site. I do not do custom orders from scratch, however, if you need a size change or maybe something with a specific stone in it feel free to contact me via the form below. I may have just what your looking for. If you would like to be periodically notified of any specials or new info on my pieces, just fill out my opt in email list.”

Crystal Healing Bracelets

Crystal healing bracelets are made up of crystals or gemstones that have certain energies. They use crystals to direct the flow of energy. They are there to bring balance to your life. Crystals offer a wide variety of healing and therapeutic properties. These beautiful gemstones provide objects that you can focus positive energy on. And they filter out the negativity around you.

Crystal Healing Bracelets are made to harness healing power by using healing energy stones. And, can bring a much-needed relief to the person wearing one of the crystal healing bracelets.

Handmade Healing Stone Bracelet

Browse our selection of strung beaded bracelets to find your perfect balance and harmony.  We offer a large selection of the finest natural stones.

All of our healing stone bracelets are handmade. Each one is a unique piece of natural stone jewelry.  Each piece is put together with intent and purpose.  All jewelry is cleared and charged before they are shipped to give the most positive experience.

It can be a difficult decision due to all the beautiful options to choose from.  So, to assist, we have put together a small list of the stones.  This list helps explain their natural healing energy.  Of course, there are many different combinations of these that we offer.  Just take a look around at the selection.  We are sure you will find something that is just perfect.

The top Crystal Healing Gemstones:

  • Selenite – considered the master mineral. It is one of the only healing crystals that does not need to be charged. Add the Selenite stone to crystal healing bracelets to cleanse and recharge your other crystals.
  • Rose quartz – considered the loving stone. It can open you up to love in all forms. Rose Quartz is a healer of physical heart ailments. And, it aids in emotional heartbreaks. It can also help you learn to self-love or find inner peace.
  • Fluorite – comes in a variety of colors. Known as the protector stone, it will ward off negative energy. Add fluorite to crystal healing bracelets to find spiritual peace and aid in meditation.
  • Lapis Lazuli – can help unlock mysteries by getting rid of confusion and emotional blockage. This gemstone will help you when seeking healing energy.

Other components of our Healing Crystal Bracelets are:

  • Hematite – is the grounding stone to aid those going into a stressful situation. You will feel more comfortable wearing this gemstone as it spreads healing energy.
  • Amethyst – has powerful healing properties, physical and spiritual. This gemstone gives a sense of calmness and balance. Clear your mind of confusion and soothing negative or stressful emotions. It can balance your hormone levels and strengthen your immune system.
  • Turquoise – considered the healing stone by the Native Americans in the southwestern U.S. It is valued for its ability to help interpret dreams. It will ward off evil and strengthen love and friendship bonds. Adding this gemstone to crystal healing bracelets can give you a sense of confidence and impart wisdom.
  • Kyanite – helps facilitate channeling and opens communication. Best known for its balancing properties that align chakras. No need to cleanse this gemstone. It clears itself automatically of negative energies.
  • Obsidian – used for its grounding and protective agents. This gemstone helps you let go of negative habits. And, take control over past pathways.  It can bring you the opportunity for change, serenity, and clarity.
  • Citrine – helps manifest your goals. This energizing gemstone keeps you cheerful. It offers its empowering solar energy.  It attracts abundance and personal power.

Choose one of the Healing Crystal Bracelets

The healing crystal bracelets make a perfect gift and get one for yourself as well.  Trying to choose one that matches something you are struggling with.  Or, find the perfect bracelet that is about something that is dear to your heart.  These natural stone bracelets are perfect for any wardrobe as well. Take your healing on the go with our natural stone and crystal jewelry.

All natural crystal healing bracelets can not only help one’s soul but they look great too.   The various color combinations are gorgeous to look at and wear.  Getting the right combination has never been easier.  We offer a huge selection to help meet everyone’s tastes and desires.  Everything offered is made from only the finest crystals and stones.  Most are one of a kind. However, there are some with duplicates.  Share with a friend.


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