Genuine Peach Selenite, Sunstone and Quartz Healing Bracelet Emits Joy and Happiness

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This bracelet is made with one Genuine Selenite round (10 mm) bead, two Genuine Sunstone chunks and several Genuine Quartz chip beads. It is 7 inches long. SELENITE – Delicate gemstone. Decreases stress; ends negative cycles. Promotes serenity, increases mental focus, spiritual growth, luck and immunity. Helps to run Kundalini energy up the spinal cord. It helps working with spirit guides and angels. Healing for 6, 7, 8-14 chakras. Clears the negative energies of all gemstones near it. SUNSTONE – is a powerful stone for dispelling fears and phobias of all kinds. In addition to dispelling fears and phobias, sunstone also decreases stress and lifts depression. Sunstone brings good luck and abundance, and turns negative energies and psychic attacks into positive energies. This stone increases personal power and will, as well as life force energy. Increases sexual energy and stamina. Healing and balancing the sacral chakra. Emits the energy of Joy and Happiness! Crystal healing information is not meant to diagnose or as a replacement for regular medical care/ medications. Always work with your medical care provider as needed.

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