Genuine Black Tourmaline, Shungite and Chiastolite (Andalusite ) Healing Stretch Bracelet Protection


This bracelet is made with three Genuine Black Tourmaline center bead, four Genuine Chiastolite (Andalusite) square beads, two Genuine Shungite round (10 mm) beads and several Black Agate rondelle beads. It is 8 inches long, but can be customized to fit. ANDALUSITE – (AKA Chiastolite) Cleansing for the aura, protective. One of the best stones for helping sensitive people feel at home and safe. Grounding and infuses the physical body with energy. Perfect to wear during meditation to facilitate access to the Akashic records. Helps to increase prosperity. Helps to guard against psychic attack and energy drain. Used to strengthen and energize any/all of the chakras and to repair holes in the auric field. Tonic” type crystal. It is a wonderful stone for healers. SHUNGITE – a very powerful, ancient stone; it detoxifies your body by absorbing and eliminating any negative or health hazardous energies. It is contains fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants. It shields you from the electromagnetic radiation given off by electrical equipment, including computers, mobile phones, microwaves and televisions. This is the black form from Zazhoginskaya. TOURMALINE (BLACK) – Protects the aura and decreases negativity. It is balancing for all chakras. It increases your vibration, strengthens all energy bodies, decreases toxins and energy blockages. Relaxing to the mind and body. Mentally and emotionally, decreases negativity and resentments. Crystal healing information is not meant to diagnose or as a replacement for regular medical care/ medications. Always work with your medical care provider as needed.

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